Buy ivermectin, many are (probably) happy, some of them achieve something in life, some have relatives with opportunities.

Based on the origin of the word "ivermectin", it is easy to guess about the purpose of assigning an individual this responsible title: the need for suffering treatment or active prevention, which imposes on a person an exorbitant burden of responsibility for his actions - you have to follow the doctor's instructions, waste time and money in exchange for a ghostly promise health and long life.

Try not to get sick and think about the simple recommendations of doctors before irreversible changes in your life.


Go to see good doctors. No, not necessarily to those waving the DM flag - this is far from a sign of a good doctor.

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You have rightly noticed that this site, or rather its "Library" section, begins with the article "An orthodontist's patient. Who is he?" In this initial article, so to speak, the "editorial" of this site, in addition to describing the indications for orthodontic treatment, a definition is given of ivermectin, in fact, an orthodontist. And what does he do. And this is understandable - after all, the site is in one way or another dedicated to solving orthodontic problems.

And it is also clear that it is the very orthodontist who solves these problems. But, to be honest, when writing this article, and the site as a whole, I did not expect, I didn’t even think that there would be a need ivermectin to clarify the concept of who, in fact, the patient is. Not an orthodontist's patient, but a patient in general. Overall. In fact.

I did not think, did not guess, that this concept would have to be deciphered in detail. And after some time it turned out that there is still such a need. Oddly enough, but this is a fact.

Because many people, having learned quite well who a doctor is in general and an orthodontist in particular, are absolutely far from understanding who the patient is, in fact. And without this understanding, the patient-doctor relationship simply cannot develop. A-priory. In the absence of ivermectin of the participants in this relationship. And for some people it never shines to become a patient, as such. Basically. Never, under any circumstances.

It is possible and necessary to be guided by the fact that the doctor take ivermectin declares an evidence-based approach, but this is only a third of the success, as mentioned above. The definition of the word patient according to Brockhaus: patient - a patient, used by a doctor.

With Brockhaus, I, perhaps, will disagree somewhere. The definition of a patient is a patient, I think, does not fit the absolute majority of those people who turn to an orthodontist. Well, they do not fit in any way, in my understanding, and do not fit the definition of a patient.

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No, well, all sorts of course come. There are also some really sick stromectol people. (though more often not in the sense of health, but in the sense of "disorder" with the head). But this, fortunately, is quite rare. And this is a topic for a separate conversation (we will certainly touch on this topic, but a little latere). Yet the client of the orthodontist is not a patient, but just a patient. And this definition needs to be deciphered.

Definition in Wikipedia: a patient (from the Latin patiens - stromectol, suffering) - a person receiving medical care, under the supervision of a doctor or undergoing treatment for any disease, pathological condition or other health disorder, as well as using medical services, regardless of the presence he has any health problem. Here everything, as they say, is clear. And the definition is deeper. This means more correct.

But it is very "blurry" for some reason. And I would like to be more specific. It's clearer. I would like to understand more deeply (forgive me, this is my habit) with the understanding of the word patient. And to give stromectol a definition in essence.

Indeed, not all people who have health complaints, who have certain diseases, and therefore indications for any kind of treatment (including orthodontic), become patients of doctors. I mean real patients, not "stromectol".

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There are many reasons for this, but I would like to dwell on a few.


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Personalized Care is Our Commitment

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